Roxas, Oriental Mindoro: A Small Yet Attractive Promising Town

Municipality of Rox

Photo by Municiplaity of Roxas Facebook Page

Welcome to Roxas, the smallest town in Oriental Mindoro with a total land area of 8,526 hectares of up-land, lowland, and coastal areas. This small but beautiful town has 20 barangays and was blessed with rich natural and human resources. It is also the melting pot of Southern Oriental Mindoro. The town was 143 kilometers away from Calapan City. It takes 3-4 hours of travel via van or bus, any of your choice. It has the Port of Dangay which is said to be the gateway to paradise; routing to Boracay, Visayas Island and rest of Southern Philippines. You’ll surely be refreshed with one of their fine-looking beach resort. Free yourself from stress caused by so much work as you walk at the seashore and witness the sunrise every morning.THE SIPAG FESTIVAL Roxas celebrates fiesta every 25th of January in honor of Patron Saint Sto. Niño. SIPAG stands for Saging (banana), Isda (fish), PAlay and prutas (rice & fruits) and Gulay (vegetables). The celebration starts with streetdancing, culture and arts shows, and search for Mutya ng SIPAG. SIPAG festival’s street dancing competition was held every afternoon after the participants of the said fest gathers outside town’s plaza for the street dancing parade which will circulate at Roxas’ public market and then back to plaza for the final rivalry. This eye-catching competition will surely captivate your innermost soul.
Sipag Festival - Mindoro Travel Guide | Photo By Junk Pajanel
Photo By: Junk Pajanel
DANGAY-DALAHICAN BEACH STRIPA home to beach resorts ideal for fun, relaxation, retreat, lodging, seminar and conference. The favorite seaside hangout & picnic ground of the local. The wide stretch of gray sand beaches spanning the coastal village of Sitio Dalahican and Brgy. Dangay is good for swimming, sailing, fishing and other water activities.
Dangay | Mindoro Travel GuidePhoto By Sikhay Dangay Arts and Culture Initiative
Photo By: Sikhay Dangay Arts and Culture Initiative
HINAGDANAN FALLS, SAN VICENTEIf you’re a nature lover, well this refreshing nature adventure with flowing waters encounter at the foot will bring you so much fun. An experience you can never forget. Explore and discover the veiled Hinagdan Falls located at the mountain of San Vicente. Trekking rivers and mountains for a couple of hours is a best experience for the new beginner. As you walk you’ll see lush forest secluded by exotic flora & fauna which offer an oasis of peace, utmost trill & excitement. Hinagdanan is not the same falls you photographed in your mind. The falls was exactly just like a staircase, layered from the top that’s why it is called “hinagdanan”. This destination is good for mountain climbing, camping, hiking, & river swimming.Hinagdanan Falls | Mindoro Travel GuideMARASKA RIVER, ROXASA simple river you never thought nor imagine that it would be this beautiful. Just so perfect background for picture taking with family, friends and even love ones. As you go swimming in the clear water of the river you can’t stop yourself from looking at the impeccable view of the mountains behind. It was like a big portrait, place there and boom! It brought strange feelings to those who want to go there. A wonderful feeling, like there’s no word will be heard from you but “wow”. Discover this river by yourself and be amazed of your own town.
Maraska Riverm Roxas | Mindoro Travel Guide | Photo By MaryGrace Fradejas Factor DelaCruz
Photo By MaryGrace Fradejas Factor DelaCruz
SAN RAFAEL CAVE, SITIO BINTULAGAN, BRGY. SAN RAFAEL, ROXAS, ORIENTAL MINDOROSan Rafael Cave is considered the largest cave in Oriental Mindoro. One-way trekking to the cave takes 45mins, while exploring the cave itself takes about 2hrs. About the size of a cathedral, the cave is made up of 10 chambers, all of which take about two hours to explore. Visiting the first seven chambers require easy trekking, while reaching the eighth chamber requires crawling into a narrow passageway. As you near the cave’s entrance, your first impression will be the smell of guano deposits. But this will be forgotten as soon as you enter, you will see an opening in the cave’s domed roof through which light enters in, and it’s really amazing! Add to these the cool temperature, the silence and the natural rock formations some resemble human form so you get a feeling that you are inside a darkened chapel. Meanwhile, the highlight of the cave is the Terraces chamber. The chamber houses several water basins, shaped like the steps of rice terraces. The water flows from one basin to another, and exits into a lagoon. There are still mysteries hidden inside the caves which the more adventurous visitors can explore but some, reaching the lagoon is reward enough for the hike up the mountain. To get to San Rafael Cave, visitors are advised to hire a guide at the Tourism Assistance Office, which is located just across the Barangay Hall of San Rafael.Fees are as followed:Entrance fee for student=P5; domestic tourist=P10;foreign tourist=P50.Guide fee: P200/head for solo travelers; P300/ guide for a group of 2-4; P500/ guide for a group of 5-7; P800/ guide for a group of 8-14; P1,200/ guide for a group of 15-21; P1,800/ guide for a group of 22-28; P35/head for a group of 29 and above.It includes a helmet and a flashlight for each and every one.Buhid Mangyan Culture - Mindoro Travel GuideBUHID MANGYAN  CULTURAL VILLAGEThe home of indigenous people of Roxas unique distinct culture is located at Barangay San Vicente. The Buhid tribe settlement area is a short walk from Barangay proper. Here, visitors can interact with Mangyan way of life & can learn about their rich heritage

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