Bansud “A peaceful town for a quiet unwinding”

Bansud is a second class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro of the MIMAROPA Region IV-B, with the road distance of 153 kilometers from Metro Manila travelled by land and a fascinating 2 hour ride on the RORO boat allows you to witness the beauty of the Verde Island passage of Batangas sea and the isolated islands of Isla Verde, Baco Chico, Pulong Gitna and Pulong Munti as you approach the Island of Mindoro thru the Calapan City Port. A 92 km. ride via van or bus while witnessing the beauty of the province and its gifts from nature such as the Mount Halcon, Naujan Lake and others will captivate travelers as they reach the beautiful town of Bansud. Bansud is blessed with the gifts of nature that nurture its citizens and provides both recreation and relaxation to those who seek adventure and enjoy natures wonders at its finest. It is abundantly provided by forests, land forms and bodies of water. The Rosacara Rolling Hills is one of the beautiful views and recreation site that Bansud has to offer. It is filled with luscious green and adventurous trails leading to the top of the hills of the 417.2591 hectares of this wonderful gift from nature. It offers several activities for nature lovers and adventure seekers like trekking, camping or nature hikes. The Rosacara Rolling Hills also offers a peaceful ambiance and cool breeze mountain wind that refreshes the soul and relaxes the spirit. There is also a new found paradise after passing thru the uplands of Rosacara. The Batong Buwaya River offers a refreshing and an appealing sight of untouched natural rock formations and the flow of cool clean waters over the filtering stones and the surrounding greenery that adds to the solemnity and peacefulness of the surrounding. The Batong Buwaya Formation is known for its rock formation that replicates a crocodile’s head with an open mouth, it is located along Rosacara River which is 13 kilometers from the National Highway. The Manihala Waterfalls is one of the Natural Pride of Bansud that offers serenity of nature at its finest. This Natural Wonder has three levels. The first level is a captivating display of strips of spring water flowing over sedimentary rocks forming an approximately 200 square meters wide natural spring water pool. This inviting Godly creation attracts tourists especially during summer because of its cool and refreshing water and the untouched natural majestic ambiance. The second stage of this natural wonder can be reached thru an adventurous trail across wide plantations and overlooking the mountainous Agro Forestry sight of Barangay Manihala. The way to the falls is an adventure itself, the trail challenges your agility while entertaining you with the serene view of the mountainous Sitio Abacahan and Apnagan. Halfway of the trail, you will pass thru a community of Indigenous people which belongs to the Buhid Tribe of Mangyan. You may meet and greet these friendly people on the way to the second stage of the Manihala falls and discover their way of life. After trekking thru the adventurous trail, a slide of gushing water welcomes you to the second stage of the majestic Manihala Falls. The second stage of the Manihala Waterfalls is a sliding gush of spring water over a huge rock formation surrounded by green forest covering the surrounding of the oval shape pool of water. Both waterfalls flow thru the Manihala River which is the main source of irrigation water for most of the rice fields in this barangay. It is also the source of water for other barangays in the lowland area. Another Majestic discovery, on the village of Pay-pay ama from barangay Bato, is the wonderful display of water curtains flowing over sedimentary rocks with two other small waterfalls nearby giving options to possible tourists and a taste of different display of beauty and nature in one stop. A mixture of pleasure and adventure, the Paypay Ama waterfalls can be reached by more or less 15 kilometer drive to the Barangay center and another 2 km ride to the village of Paypay Ama. An adventurous 2 km nature upland nature trekking and hiking to the waterfall site to experience the wonderful girt of nature and plunge into the refreshing waters of the of the water fall, or simply sit down and relax over the gushing water curtains and explore the 7 hectare of untouched natural wonders.

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