Not just some pretty faces

We are a part of this beautiful Earth where we live in. We are its friend, companion, and servant who are tasked to take care of its natural wonders. We, the Mindoro Travel Guide is composed of a team of adventure seekers who love to go along and discover new places, explore the hidden splendor of its diversity, and share the fascinating stories and memorable experiences to everyone.

We travel different places throughout the entire region of Mindoro with all fun and excitement to give you not just the glimpse but an overall view of what its islands may offer. We packed our bags and get or cameras ready to capture the marvelous landscapes and awe-inspiring places of Mindoro.

We want to foster the development of tourism with dignity and respect and nurture local cultures and help them build confidence and pride among local communities. Our blogs aim to reach you wherever you are in the world; creating and promoting forms of tourism that will ignite a growing interaction and opportunities for tourists and locals. We want you to realize that Mindoro has a uniquely diversified culture, customs, lifestyle, beliefs, and wonderful destinations to offer.