Who we are?

Mindoro Travel Guide (mindorotravelguide.com) is a destination guide about travel and experiences in Oriental and Occidental Mindoro Provinces. We aim to continually promote its rich tourism and inspire people about the memorable adventures and growing business potentials of Mindoro and why it’s marvelous to travel and live in its beautiful place. Motivated by skills and driven by our passion to explore and showcase Mindoro, our goal is also to connect the global community to helpful information and developments here in our beloved province.

We want to foster the development of tourism with dignity and respect and nurture local cultures and help them build confidence and pride among local communities. Our blogs aim to reach you wherever you are in the world; creating and promoting forms of tourism that will ignite a growing interaction and opportunities for tourists and locals. We want you to realize that Mindoro has a uniquely diversified culture, customs, lifestyle, beliefs, and wonderful destinations to offer.

What we do?

We are a part of this beautiful Earth where we live in. We are its friend, companion, and servant who are tasked to take care of its natural wonders. We, the Mindoro Travel Guide is composed of a team of adventure seekers who love to go along and discover new places, explore the hidden splendor of its diversity, and share the fascinating stories and memorable experiences to everyone.

We travel different places throughout the entire region of Mindoro with all fun and excitement to give you not just the glimpse but an overall view of what its islands may offer. We packed our bags and get or cameras ready to capture the marvelous landscapes and awe-inspiring places of Mindoro. Be a part of our growing team and together let us jump high for wider opportunities and pleasure.

Not just some pretty faces

Let’s blog together


Alvin John Ferias

Team Manager

A sweet and hard-working father of his family, he nurtures them with all his love and care. He is an adventure seeker who likes to try new things, explore different places, and discover new ideas. Blessed with talents and skills, he stays humble and share the knowledge to everyone. He is a best companion to be with, for he makes the day worthwhile.

A quiet guy yet amiable, he wants to create friendship and mingle with his friends. He has a good appetite for foods and loves eating. Inside this jolly man is a humble heart who is always giving care to his family and siblings. He has a cool and unique style, and has a competitive side too. Popularly called “Kews”, by his friends, John Lester is a fun gentleman to be with.

John Lester Faminialagao

Blog admin



Joshua Lasac

General Manager

Josh is a professional digital marketer who creates and promotes digital content at Arrow Up Media. Josh has achieved success with well-established companies such as Fil-Tech Business Solution Inc., Philgifts.com and ToandFro Digital Marketing Solutions, to name a few.
After spending more than 2 years in Digital Marketing with various enterprises, Josh understands what drives businesses and how to spread brand awareness efficiently for optimum product and service promotion. He utilizes a brand marketing plan while working closely with clients and ensuring all work-in-progress is clarified. Josh utilizes SEO tools to rank high in search engine indexing and performs various ad-marketing campaigns to generate organic traffic back to your site. He is also a well-versed web graphic designer and developer.
Josh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Innovative College of Science & technology in Oriental Mindoro.

He has a passion to create stunning images. He’s also a very friendly cause he’s easy-to-be-with. The Joker at the team you can call him Jez for short. Called as “J.A.” by many, he is a man with thousand jokes.


Jezriel Ariem Alub

Social Marketing

social media marketing


Mac Adrone Adonay


A poet who makes his own name through his creative verses, he always want to face challenges and conquer his limits. His world revolves on reading interesting books and scribbling meaningful rhymes. He is a versatile man who has a little bit of everything. He always desire to show the realizations of life and make people reflect through it.

He is a hard-working guy and very industrious. He wants to be a versatile one who can easily adapt to his environment. He has a positive attitude towards people and desire to help them in his simple ways. He also loves to take captivating photos of nature and share its wonders to his friends. John Remar, with a codename “johnrach”, is a good buddy that will not leave you in good or in bad times.

John Remar Matulin

Web Developer



Genesis Madrid

Web Developer

Genesis is the man that really love anime specialy the “Hentai” haha Just kidding 😀 haha. He always want to talk to all beautiful girls around him. He loves watching One Piece. He has a passion for editing images with his touch of creativity. His dream is to become the best Web Developer in the world and also he want to travel the world someday. 😀 😀

A good son, a cool brother, a loyal friend, and a faithful lover. These are the best descriptions for this full-grown man. He may look fragile outside but strong and independent inside. Actually, he is a player. A player that only loves playing games but serious in terms of relationships. He is dedicated. In whatever he does, he will always give his best shot. He is family-oriented and always has the heart for others. He may not have everything that every person needs, but he’ll make sure that he will do his own little way just to help. Well, he is not perfect at all. He has his own flaws and weaknesses. But that imperfections made him as a well-grown man as he is today.

Joseph lat

SEO Specialist




Raven Lacdang

Web Developer

raven lacdang alyas ven / anonz ng bayan isang hacker at dakilang gwapo ng pinamalayan

A sweet daughter, bubbly sister and a shoulder to lean on. These are the best words to describe her. She also loves to watch action and horror movies. She loves adventure and martial arts. She always gives her best in everything. She may look strong on the outside but this strong independent woman also has her weaknesses and lastly she loves to make people happy

Ayesa Gomez

Sales Manager