Every morning brings a new hope and new experiences that count in my life. Embracing it with a great smiles that capture to the totality of my personality as whole.Yes! It’s Friday and weekends are coming but lately I realized that during weekends my schedule was loaded , the unending paperworks such as: editing of articles for our school paper named “ HAMBUYAG”,lesson planning, and preparing an extravagant instructional materials in advance or for the next school days, updating my class records, constructing questions for the periodical examination. Now I’m engaging to the one of the bussiest professions, the sphere of academe.Social life? I really forgot the real meaning of it. But like what i uttered lastly it’s Friday, and there’s nothing wrong to unwind myself from the bussy world of teaching profession. Yes, exactly what i tried insinuating for. At exactly 2:00 in the afternoon, I decided to leave from an idle, obscure, and remote place of APNAGAN wherein the school was built and there i’m conducting my service as secondary school teacher. While driving my motorcycle, the speed getting slowly due to the muddy, sticky path, but sometimes encountering a rocky and a little bit of slippery road. This isn’t new for me, as i expected,  it arises during rainy season. Inspite of terrifying , i decided to be embolldened or courageous while staring to a huge area of banana plantation alongside, where the greeny and leafy ambiance infiltate and the breeze of cold air invades on my stunning face brought by different tall trees and plants.  Time has  passed by, while my phone was beeping and certainly i stopped to see who’s texted. I noticed his named, one of close friends and he invited me and to go with him to his hometown. Not even to think twice or hesitation for his invitation because this is also an invigorating opportunity and for me to be able to gather an information and to take some photos to feature his place in different websites/bloggsites where i belonged, and i instantly replied him that i’m much willing. We fixed the anticipating plans. I fetched him in his boarding house near at ICST and we started the perilous yet joy ride. From Bongabong my hometown.. it takes 30-minute ride with motorcycle and 37-kilometer upon reaching the next town which is the town of Roxas- center of Trade  and Commerce in the south. The starting point where every cadence of my eye captures the very panoramic view of rice field and a mountainous ambiance and an instant way we  will touch down to the town of Mansalay.

Mansalay is famous for its weaving industry and ancient burial grounds,it is a home of the friendly Hanunuo and Buhid Mangyans, whose culture is the most preserved among the seven tribes. A quiet town in the south, speaking in language whispered at twilight…offering tranquility and peace..A blend of nature and heritage in the south- Mansalay and finally we arrived at Barangay Don Pedro Mansalay, formerly known as Cagulong Mansalay at exactly
7:00 in the evening.
Cagulong is a quite place and lots of panoramic view that are fitted to unwind from a stressful work. The mountainous ambiance and the ricefields that refresh the soul of and provide energy that modify to positive outlook in life.
Heartfelt thanks to family del Rosario most especially to Jay-ar for their warmest regards  and for me to be able to have an invigorating stay in their home that Friday night. We took first our rest for a while, afterwards is taking a hot coffee while exchanging a healthy ideas based on splendid conversation. Then I find the sweetness in the bitter while sipping the coffee.Dinner time comes and and i’m in palatable when i noticed the he himself (Jar-Ar) cook and prepared the food.

 A silent night had pass and a lucrative morning welcome on me,after taking a mug of coffee I decided to leave thier home wit a graet smile and heartfelt thanks, it’s an invigorating ride or journey i had ever to the south specifically in Don Pedro or Cagulong Mansalay.   

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