Do you want an experience of exotic island travel vacation like Maldives with as low as P5,000.00 with no passport or visa required? “Meron tayo nyan dito!” Let’s go to Grace Island of Occidental Mindoro. Now there’s no reason not to start planning your dream trip because travelling around the most beautiful islands in the world doesn’t have to break the bank. Grace Island is one of the most famous and a must see travel destination situated  in the larger cove of Ambulong Island, about an hour & half boat ride from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. A breakaway from chaos of life and brings you closer to the relaxation and great adventures you’re looking for.

Here’s a quick guide whenever you’re planning to visit the so-called “Maldives of Philippines”.


Via Plane, Land &Sea

1. Take a 45-minute flight from Manila to San Jose Mindoro.
2. From San Jose Airport take a 10 min. trike ride to Grace Island booking office.
3. At the booking office where the boat awaits, you need to confirm your reservation and take their boat to the island.

Via Land & Sea

1. From Manila take the bus which will take you directly to San Jose (approx. 9 hours including Roro travel).
2. Take a trike ride from the terminal to Grace Island booking office. (10min)
3. At the booking office, confirm your reservation and take their boat to the island.


Aside from the floating cottages offered at Grace Island, they also offer air-conditioned rooms stationed on the main island itself. So if you’re one who fears sleeping on a floating cottage then you won’t have to worry. Also, they offer day tours here, so you actually could stay on the main island of San Jose.


  • Address: Aroma Beach (near the San Jose Airport), San Roque 2, San Jose Occidental Mindoro, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: +63 908 8795783 (Smart) | +63 917 8939674 (Globe)
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GraceIslandResort/
  • Website: https://graceislandresort.com/



  • Floating Cottages

The resort itself offers several types of accommodations, what’s unique are the floating cottages connected by floating bamboo bridges. The island’s underwater ecosystem has plenty of colorful fish and corals that will keep you diving in and out. In fact, you can just jump straight out of your cottage to swim and enjoy the corals underneath.

  • Island Hopping 

Grace Island is a noteworthy addition to your island hopping plans. Try the neighbouring islands tour c/o Grace Island. Feast your eyes with the idyllic charm and raw beauty of the sunny beaches along the way!

  • Sunsets, Fun & More!

You can do a bicycle stroll around the island and appreciate the beauty and splendour. And when the sun sets, it’s an entirely different feel. You can also try mini banana boat, snorkel, zipline, jetski. The long stretches of fine sand and aquamarine waters will keep you coming back for more. 



  • Day Tour Package
    10-15pax: 6500php / 16-20pax: 7500php / 21-25pax: 8500php / 26-30pax: 9500php
  • Couple Package
    Overnight stay for 2pax: 5500php
  • Fun Get Away Package
    Overnight stay 4pax: 9500php
    Overnight stay 3pax: 7500php


  • Room Accommodation (Daytrip cottage/Couple floating de Luxe/Family floating cottage)
  • Round trip boat transfer from Aroma Beach to Grace Island (Aroma beach: 9am, Grace Island: 7am and/or 4am)
  • Full board meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast)
  • ***except day tour package
  • Use of Kayak, Small boat, Bike
  • User of ball games and beach games


For those staying for a day, you could bring your own food or even grill it there on the island


  • Kayak – 200/hr; free if package availed for overnight & day tour
  • Bike – 75/hr; free if package availed for overnight & day tour
  • Small Boat – 200/hr; free if package availed for overnight & day tour
  • Jetski – 3500/hr
  • Banana Boat – 1000/4pax (3rounds only)
  • Frenzy Ride – 500/2pax
  • Donut Ride – 500/2pax
  • Ballistic Ride – 500/2pax
  • Snorkel Set – 200/day
  • Zipline

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