Pakapya-Agtike Festival – Socorro, Oriental Mindoro

For their bounty and blessed harvest, they show their gratefulness and thanksgiving through a festivity called Pakapya-Agtike. This is celebrated every 26th day of the month of July and features lot of activities such as cultural shows done by people of Socorro, parade of colorful floats. The highlight of this celebration is the street dancing competition showing how blessed they are in terms of agriculture done by group of Mangyan Tribes, students, schools’ faculties, and barangay residents and officials. This festivity is for thanksgiving to the rich harvest of Socorro’s farmers offered and celebrated in honor to the town’s patron saint the Holy Family. As they believe that they owe all of the fruits of their crops to them, they do this ritual yearly to achieve better harvest for each and upcoming years. What matters most on this celebration is that they celebrate what their tradition is and it gives smile to the visitors who travel extra distance to witness this culture-rich event.

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