Many beaches and islands today are developing and turned attractive. No one expected that this Suguicay Island will become one of the most visiting places in the province of Oriental Mindoro. After a long time of hunting beautiful places, here you are now. “Tara na and let’s not waste our time and enjoy the unforgettable experiences in Bulalacao’s Island. 

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Aslom, Silad and Alibatan is what they called the trio islands of Bulalacao. Not just far away, you will reach the Suguicay Island. Enjoying the ride in the boats is the first thing you need to do. You can take pictures and videos while travelling and capture beautiful surroundings.

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After arriving Suguicay, bamboo cottages, coconut tree, mangroves and white clean sand are the first things you will see. Kind people and staffs of the said island will welcome you and guide you to your places. Ang ilan sa mga bakasyunista at mga guests ay ineenjoy at inilalaan ang oras nila sa mga bamboo floats na nasa tubig to spend time resting or doing something enjoyable especially after having so much workloads.

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Being placed in the province, I know that we have different expectations, but expect the unexpected, because Suguicay is a special place where you can spend most of your times not just to explore and discover new things, but also to relax and to have some memorable moments and experiences. You can feel and smell the fresh air you need and meet new people where you can be your new friends.

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Suguicay waters are being compared to other island waters because of its cleanliness, floury and powdery sand, and its different shades of colors. You will enjoy seeing underwater marine life, coral reefs and different kinds of fishes.

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There are residents living in this island which their type of living is fishing. This people are living peacefully and they are so obliging. You will be amazed by a lot of mangrove trees.

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The island was surrounded by mangrove trees. You can also stick a while here and get some pictures.

Two white sand beaches are rummage in Suguicay. While travelling around the island, you will also see a sandbar where you can stop over and walk along.

Many marine lives are living in the water of this island. Anonymous number of fishes are remaining in the bamboo floats. You will never notice the hot weather while you are having a good time in the beach.


There is another option if you don’t have your own car because trikes are available here taking you at Sitio Bangkal in Barangay San Juan. A number of 3 persons charge P500 in trikes and it is a 2-way ride.

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After arriving at Bangkal, you need to sign at the entrance of the pier and go on along the wooden-made path where boats await passengers. This boat costs P800 for 5-8 persons sailing to Suguicay for 10-15 minutes only and it is creditably for 2-way trip.

Suguicay proffer hootch for P300 and P500 for the floating huts. In this island, they offer many activities to rent like banana boating, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing and other underwater apparatus. Meals are also available here, but if you are looking for restaurants, there is none except for some assertive residents that will cook luscious and newly catch for you. The foods are all fresh and it is very affordable. They also have a sari-sari store where you can buy drinks and snacks.


Buyayao Island is also a beautiful and wondrous island. It was a very peaceful, stilly and exciting island and it took an additional 30-minute ride from Suguicay. If you were interested to go there then you need to prepare extra money because Suguicay-Buyayao package will cost P3,500. You can also do snorkeling, trekking or even just watch the waves and enjoy the environment it has.

In this island, it has of what they called a Bat Cave where you can delve for less than an hour. You should wear a complete safety gears that will keep you from honed rock formations and bat’s poop inside the cave. Kung mas bet mo ang beach camping, then you can assemble your tent. Buyayao has two resorts that will provide you rooms, cottages and meals.

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