Simbahang Bato in Naujan Oriental Mindoro

The Bancuro Church Ruins, locally known as “Simbahang Bato ng Bancuro,” proudly stand in Barangay Bancuro, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Constructed between 1680 and 1690 by Augustinian missionaries, it is recognized as a historic church in the town of Naujan.

What catches the eye in this church are the thick walls made of coraline stones, bonded by lime mortar, that form its structure, attesting to its enduring history. The church has witnessed several historical events in Naujan, from its unfortunate burning during the massive Moro raid known as “Asultos de Moro” to wars that swept through the country during the Japanese War, serving as a refuge for its townspeople.

In ruins for centuries, locals revived it by constructing a “church within the church.” Today, the Simbahang Bato ng Bancuro is open for one Mass scheduled every Sunday at 10:00 am. It welcomes both locals and tourists who wish to attend and witness its beautiful historic charm.

Check out some of the pictures and videos we captured while exploring this historic church in Naujan.

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Naujan is 35-40 minutes away from Calapan City, the capital of Oriental Mindoro. It offers tourist destinations such as beaches, lakes, historical places, and more that locals and tourists can visit any time of the year.

If you are from Naujan or a tourist who wants to explore what Naujan has to offer, Mindoro Travel Guide is here to help you. We travel to different places in Mindoro to showcase the beauty of not just Naujan but the whole island of Mindoro.

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