Basudani Festival

The Basudani Festival is an annual celebration in the municipality of Bansud, located in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. This festival is celebrated every January 19th in honor of its patron, Sto. Niño, and as a thanksgiving celebration for the town’s bountiful harvest.

Every year, it brings locals and tourists together in vibrant celebrations of the town’s culture and traditions. Students from various schools prepare colorful costumes and props that represent the festival, showcasing the heart of the festival.

Basudani Street Dancing

One of the most awaited events in the Basudani Festival is the Street Dancing Competition, where students from various schools prepare performances for Bansudeños and visitors. Every performer showcases colorful and vibrant costumes in the parade, featuring bountiful harvests of bananas and Sto Niño among the top costumes presented. Basudani Street Dancing is the highlight of the event, eagerly anticipated and enjoyed by locals and tourists every year.

Bansud Town Fiesta

In celebration of the Basudani Festival, the local government of Bansud prepared an entertainment night for the Bansudeños, which is also one of the most awaited parts of the festival. Locals and visitors from other municipalities gathered in Plaza de Bansud to watch and enjoy. The town’s fiesta nights feature performances by bands and local celebrities, providing the community with entertainment after a day of festivities.

If you want to experience the colorful Basudani Festival, make sure to visit Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, on January 19th. And even if you can’t make it for the festival, there are plenty of other attractions to see in Bansud all year round.

Check out some of the pictures and videos we captured during the Basudani Festival.

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