Looking For An Awesome Place? Explore Buyayao Island In Bulalacao

Hey! How are you? Nice to meet you!  You the one who reads this article. I think it’s weird but I want to greet you first before you continue reading. So, are you a Nature Lover? Love to Travel? And want something Adventure? If not, don’t continuing reading but if yes be cool like me just kidding. I’m gonna share my awesome experience that You should experience too in Buyayao Island. You were going to love this place when you see all beautiful views out there. And also the kindness of people living in the Island, they will treat you like a family. You can stay as long as you want but it’s not free, you know it’s all about money just kidding. There are some rental rooms and cottages you can stay-in and you may enjoy staying in the Island and Explore. When you see the sunrise in between of the Islands, which was my favourite part of my summer vacation because this is so awesome dude. The Mountains that each have a creepy and unique rock forms but still so damn beautiful and you will be amaze on a hidden cave and some species that you will see there. The White Sand Beaches that good for a camping event even if it’s not totally clean but still rich in different shells and corals and also rich in water resources that you may scuba diving if you want but bring your own equipment. Hop in the Island-to-Island would be the one of  the most unforgettable moment that you will have though it also risky when there’s a heavy waves but still it’s an adventure right? And when you see all beautiful views, you’ll realize how great is God created that wonderful place and it’s like a paradise and how blessed the Island is Where Buyayao Island Is.? It’s located at Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro, the southernmost town of the province of Oriental Mindoro. How To Get There? It’s a long drive going to Bulalacao then you may enter to Brgy. San Roque and go to sitio Libtong, Bangkal, or Dangkalan wherein you can rent a boat for an Island and Beach Hopping. You will really enjoy your summer getaway spending with your family, friends, or loved one. But if you are single and still a Nature Lover then marry the Nature just kidding; all your happiness is only depends on you. So spend it and enjoy it and Explore the Awesomeness of Buyayao Island. Bulalacao is a wonderful place that waiting to be discovered, a beauty that should be seen, and a paradise waiting to be explored. Let’s Explore the Awesomeness of Buyayao Island.

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