Anilao Eco Village, Bongabong Oriental Mindoro

“Anilao Eco Village, Bongabong Oriental Mindoro”

An- ecosystem and community based tourism program initiated  by Atty. Reynaldo Umali is now on hit! It is a good tourism adaptation that aims to maximize the productivity of an area while conserving its coastal resources.Mindoro Travel Guide: Anilao Eco Village 1He is developing his land while conserving the nature within, this village is such a good example of a biodiversity friendly enterprise, indeed!How did it happen? Development with conservation?Atty. Umali is urging to make it a reserved and protected area of diverse mangrove and beach forest species such as rhizophora, aroma, pipisik, bungalon, piapi and a lot more. And Since it is a protected area, soon it will serve as a haven for the migratory birds, fireflies, mud crabs and fishes.Mindoro Travel Guide: Anilao Eco Village 2This eco village is the site of model mud houses, they have one single unit, one family sized house and one dormitory, and by chance this can provide additional income to local fisher folks in the form of room rentals or homestays. 
Another source of income of the fisher folks during their lean fishing season is that they may serve as tour guides in the village, they may also opt to tour the guests by the sea and may visit nearby beach attractions and also the families nearby, they may cook meals for the guests. this tourism activities will surely generate income to its program beneficiaries. According to village tenants, Atty. Rey Umali will pursue the development of this area while conserving the mangrove. he is urging to conduct and inviting guests to join their mangrove and beach forest planting. He loves to bring guests to this village. To date, senate and congress law makers were regular visitors of this village brought by Atty. Umali. They are House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Farinas, Deputy Speaker Raneo Abu, Deputy Speaker Ferdinand Alvarez, and other Congressmen of the different congressional districts of the Philippines.Mindoro Travel Guide: Anilao Eco Village 3He is also conducting several fund raising activities , the proceeds of those charity events are intended for the development and capacity building of the fisher folks to efficiently handle guests during their stay.upon entrance, your eyes will be filled with a conservation and nature’s fresh ambiance, guests and travelers can have a short walk on their concrete mangrove path walk while bird watching (bring your own binoculars) on their view deck , best view are during high tides where the green mangrove leaves are reflecting on the clear brackish water with schooling of juveniles of different fishes.Mindoro Travel Guide: Anilao Eco Village 3Though there’s no swimming pool construction yet, you can still enjoy the sea, with fine gray sand and sea water. They have different cottages that fit for any kind of occasion, beautiful garden landscapes decorated with boulders, Bermuda grass and concrete blocks path walk perfect for garden weddings and pre-nuptial pictorials.Mindoro Travel Guide: Anilao Eco Village 3Though we have no price quotations of their cottages and lodging, you may simply drop your queries to their facebook account@_________________________. Or call___________________ for your reservations.

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